A CLINICAL psychologist yesterday said the “evil-minded” 15-year-old who raped a five-year-old Port Alfred boy was still a “highly dangerous risk to young children”.
Karen Andrews told acting Grahamstown High Court judge Glen Goosen the youth “would have continued this kind of criminal behaviour” if he had not been “so efficiently apprehended” for the murder of Rayno Ruiters.
“It appears a potential serial child- killing, sadistic rapist has been stopped in his tracks.”
Andrews recommended when the court sentenced the now 16-year-old minor – who cannot be named – it take “into account despite his youthful age, and his small and timid appearance, (the fact that ) he poses a highly dangerous risk to children in society”.
She said all three youths on trial should be locked in a correctional facility – and given psychotherapy – instead of being given correctional supervision sentences in crime-ridden Station Hill.
The court also heard how the youth’s dagga-smoking father disciplined his six children from an early age.
All three teenagers – aged 14, 15 and 16 at the time – have already been convicted of murder and the ringleader also of rape. Closing arguments from the defence and state were postponed until today. – Daily Dispatch